Stitch Lab started as a talent incubator, and quickly became the premiere accelerator for emerging Latin American fashion brands in the U.S.

We began in 2018 with a series of pop up events in Miami, highlighting the best up-and-coming designers in the region. Little did we know that our work would spark a new trend of creative consumer experiences and an impressive movement of support and appreciation for Latin American fashion. 

As a collaborative platform, Stitch Lab works hand-in-hand with an international network of connectors, ranging from celebrities, fashion influencers, stylists, print and digital editors, tv producers, photographers, and all kinds of innovators.

We curate bespoke experiences for each of our partners, attracting and engaging consumers who demand to be part of a culturally relevant and socially responsible movement. 

This marketplace is the online version of our curated "in person" shopping experience, but the mission is still the same: to uncover the best Latin American talent and supporting honest, more sustainable, independent brands.