By carefully distilling the age-old traditions of their Wayuu ancestors, mother-daughter duo Soraya Pena Hennessy and Soraya Salas work together with expert weavers in Colombia and Venezuela to create exquisite mochilas and accessories whose mystical colors and patterns transport the wearer to a far-off land.

The Wayuu (pronounced "Wah-You") are a Native American ethnic group living on the border of Venezuela and Colombia. A big part of the Wayuu culture is the art of weaving designs in mochilas (buckets bags), chinchorros (hammocks), and mantas (robes). The technique has been passed on by women from generation to generation. Often the girls start weaving from the tender age of eight years old. Soraya’s Wayuu heritage comes from her mother. Soraya grew up seeing her mother and grandmother wear mochilas on a daily basis.
The intricate Wayuu designs has become the positive and colorful message sent from Venezuela to the world. Soraya now works with a group of forty artisan Wayuu women in her native Maracaibo, Venezuela to make unique Wayuu designs that maintain the Wayuu tradition with a modern twist. Soraya Hennessy offers a modern touch to the traditional handmade mochila (bucket bag) with catchy hand-woven slogans available in English, Spanish and Arabic. Colorful and modern removable accessories on the mochila, as well as the best crochet yarn offering a final high-end handmade product.
As the brand continues to grow the Soraya Hennessy team has evolved offering not only mochilas but baskets. Working alongside Colombian artisans Soraya Hennessy has develop unique baskets combined with a Wayuu crochet flair.