The importance of detail, love and respect that we feel for the craftsmanship of our country is reflected in each piece.  The color gold plays a very important role in all our collections, as do the geometric shapes and the use of semi-precious stones.

Jewelry is an extension of our inner self. The unique beauty, its warm glow, even the feelings they inspire all reflect our true nature. By creating high-end, timeless handmade pieces, Laura Davila’s collections luxuriously intertwine native artistry with modernity to complete a look that’s everlasting.

Influenced by tradition, culture her experiences and supported by extensive studies, Laura Davila seeks to renew our modern view on wearable treasures. Her creative inspiration comes from blending raw materials, like bronze metal work, with her playful personality and a background in graphic design. These visions then come to life by the hands of Colombian artisans giving form to one-of-a-king golden jewelry that you wot find anywhere else.