Living in Barranquilla, a few blocks apart from each other, the childhood friends were both seeking a way to fill their careers and lives with their creativity and talent for stand-out fashion. Maria Alejandra has always been in the hunt for top-quality fabric and talented sewers, constantly helping friends with party gowns and designing her own. Mary Ellen wanted to be part of a project that would let her explore her creativity without being left alone to the hassle of running a business. That's how they started envisioning and designing dresses in 2015 from their living room.

The design process of the dresses takes most of their time and the result is magic! They carefully review each detail to remain truthful to the reasons why they decided to embark in this adventure of reinventing the dress as a fashion statement. Kleid dresses are: elegant, comfortable, ageless, and timeless... they are designed to make women shine.