Every collection hinges from a central theme, which inspires the principal prints, fabrics, embroidery and shapes. Each and every single garment is characterized by its unique and personalized pret-a-poster elements. With a strong influence by Ecuadorian culture reflected on it quality of its craftsmanship.

We are focused on satisfying modern woman by expressing in each collection
how they think and their values.

In this way, it enables itself to fulfill the client expectations by giving
them a tool of self expression and show case their true self.
Each garment is characterized by being able to create tendency, by finding by all means perfectionism in each piece of clothing and accompaniment through the clients journey in purchasing our clothes.

At FD we are transparent with the client by offering high-quality and exclusive
We want to make a change in the industry where producers and consumers are
united in the same objective to be aware of the impact of fashion in the world.
For six years we have contributed to the economy of the country, generating
income for several families, among workers and suppliers; always seeking to
empower women.
We invest in QUALITY over QUANTITY, always with timeless garments that
have a long life.
We work with a modern vision for a modern world