Nicole is from Cartagena, Colombia, and has a MA in Fashion and luxury brand management at Istituto Marangoni in Paris & Rocio Borré is from Barranquilla, Colombia, and is currently finishing her degree in Design at the Universidad de Los Andes.
Bahama Mama started in 2014. Both friends were lovers of swimwear and had a taste in fashion a little more funky and risky than what was normally on the market at that time.
Therefore, being a bit bored of the same, with the desire to venture and realizing that there was a chance to create something different, Bahama Mama was born. A brand that we could capture all our dreams, concepts, and ideas in the prints and designs of each product.

Bahama Mama is a way of life. Living life happily and to the fullest in every moment. We seek to transfer this feeling and the sensations felt when we are at sea to every space in people's lives. The #BahamaMamas are fun, feminine, and fresh. They color outside the lines and are never afraid to be bold and different.
All the collections tell a story, the brand is inspired by a relaxed beach life, by nature, and by living every moment to the full. 
Being aware of the environmental and social impact that fashion generates on the planet, the designers decided to turn Bahama Mama around in that direction. That's why, since 2019, they started the journey towards sustainability by manufacturing all swimwear with 100% recycled PET polyester fabric for pre- and post-consumption. Today, they have transformed the company.
Bahama Mama aims to become 100% socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. They are currently working towards this goal and are trying to achieve it in each of the different areas. The brand makes sure that all people involved in the  company, such as craftsmen, heads of families and entrepreneurs, are treated fairly and respectfully throughout the process. Furthermore, all the products are ethically manufactured with high quality materials, designed to last.