Responsibly Sourcing Materials

Our shoes are made from leather tanned with natural tannins, and the byproducts of the tanning process are recycled for agricultural use. We reuse and recycle wherever possible.

Making Only What We Need

Overproduction in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats. We refuse to make that problem worse. We believe in making only what is needed. Unlike many fast fashion brands, we create our collections in small batches, with the aim of selling out. This practice reduces waste and ensures our pieces are made thoughtfully, with appropriate time and care.

Local production

Since launch, our shoes have been produced in Colombia. Over the years, we have built meaningful relationships with our production teams and worked together on constantly improving the quality of our products. Producing locally ensures a lower carbon footprint, regular visits to manufacturing facilities by the team to ensure prime labor conditions, and in our case, careful craftsmanship by trusted artisans.